Factory T-Sport Fairing on a 49mm Dyna


September 15, 2011

T-Sport Fairing On a 49mm Dyna

By bungking

Having a custom welding and machine shop means that friends of our come to us all of time with different problems they look to us fo a solution for. Long ago one of them was mounting a quarter fairing to the 07 Harley Dyna’s when they switched the forks to the larger 49mm size and never updated their mounting systems to make this an available option to the public. We made one here and there and before we knew it dealers up and down the coast now stock them.

This time the missing link was a way to mount an earlier Dyna T-Sport Fairing to the same 49mm Fork. The T-Sport fairing is much larger and has an adjustable windshield that is much higher than any other dyna fairing out there. The only bad thing is they can be hard to come by if you are not willing to shell a decent amount of cash. But they are well worth it if you can find one, cutting down the air much more than any of the other dyna fairings for less fatigue on those long rides.

I ended up rigid mounting this one instead of using the quick releases, there wasn’t quite room for them and the fairings are a little to costly to make quick release. What I ended up with was a lower mount that mounted to the headlight bolt on top of a custom headlight mounting block, and an upper mount that uses the riser bolts for the handlebars to secure it. The mount can still be removed in about 5-10 if you have the right tools if needed. All of the aftermarket mounts I made use the stock bolt locations on the factory mounts, no need to modify anything from the factory. The manufacture’s do a lot of engineering on how they want their parts mounted and we mind as well use some of that knowledge when making the brackets to adapt to them so that the stresses are in the correct place.

A custom headlight block moves the light further away from the tree to sit it in the correct location in the fairing.

I saved all of the templates for these brackets so if you need some please contact me at sales@fab4all.com and I can give you a quote on making some up for you. This would make the fairing a true bolt on. For many other parts we manufacture on a daily basis take a look at www.bungking.com