Triumph Tiger


October 5, 2011

Triumph Tiger

By bungking

This is a bike owned by a good friend of the shop, not sure of the year exactly but it started it’s life in his hands as a retired flat track bike with no brakes other than the kill switch on the handlebars and welded struts in place of the shocks bolted to the factory swingarm. I made him up one of our triumph bolt on hard tails, back when I was producing them, with a 4″ stretch in length. He produced his own pipes and modified the factory chassis. I gave him parts for one of our 6″ pipe bomb oil tank kits and he added some of his own style to it with some pieces of flat stock. He always loved the Fox suspension seat I had on display so I got him set up with one of those as well. When it came to controls he got a little held up so he brought it down to the shop to have me make some up. I used some of my Knurled Aluminum Foot Pegs, a bronze pivot bushing, some of our PM pivots along with some other raw materials to make up these mid controls. I also made him up a seat pan to work with the Fox set up and got it all welded up and dialed in for him. Cant wait to see what else he comes up with, it’s great sometimes to collaborate on projects it keeps the mind moving.

The oil Tank parts can be found at

The footpegs and pivots cna be found at

The Seat Shock Kit can be found at