Passenger Peg 2018 Softail

Installation Instructions

2018 and Up Passenger Peg Mount &

2018 and Up Passenger Peg Mount w/ Extension Kit


The passenger peg mount with the flat mounting plate would be for the primary side and the one with the stepped mounting plate with the hole would be for the pipe side. 

On the primary side, the plate would bolt directly onto the frame. This would install into the two threaded bolt holes above and below the swing arm pivot using the shorter bolts and washers included in the hardware kit. The tube of the crash bar would install above the swing arm pivot tube. (There are most likely some plastic plugs inserted in the threaded holes from the factory which will need to be removed).

On the pipe side, the stepped mounting plate would go behind the exhaust mount. If you are running stock exhaust, loosen the rear mount and remove the mounting bolts that bolt the rear mount to the frame.  Then, pull the pipe assembly out slightly. This will allow you to install the passenger peg bracket between the frame and the exhaust mount. The main tube will be above the exhaust and the hole in the backing plate should match up to the end of the swing arm pivot tube. Use the longer supplied bolts to attach the exhaust mount back in place over top of the passenger peg mount.  The spacer in the hardware pack would be for the very bottom pipe mount, to space it off the frame for the same thickness as the other sections of the pipe mounting bracket.

Torque Spec: 35 ft/lb

*Fat Bob Installation Note: For the Fat Bob model, the heatshield on the pipe will interfere with the support section of the crash bar on the pipe side. The heat shield would need to be trimmed to clear or you would need to run an aftermarket pipe on this model. All other factory pipes, as well as most all aftermarket pipes, work with the crash bar as a direct bolt on. It is the extra height of the OEM Fat Bob pipe that causes a slight issue.

*Installation Instructions for Optional 1.5" Long Extensions for use with Saddlebags:

The optional extension kit would come packaged with the standard passenger peg slider kit with the additional spacers and longer bolts to extend the tube section.  To install the extensions, you would remove the allen head bolt holding the delrin slider in place.  Remove the standard shorter bolt and replace it with the supplied, longer bolt and install the spacer between the delrin slider and the welded assembly of the passenger peg slider.