Dyna Crashbar Forward Control

Highway Peg Crash Bar Installation Instructions



First, remove the factory foot control mounts from the lower section of the frame. There are two allen bolts on either side, holding each of the brackets in place. You can leave the brake lines and shifter link attached once these bolts are removed. 

Next, slip the crashbar into place and start the upper bolt in the crown tab thru the frame. This will help hold the crashbar in place, vertically while you line up the lower section of the crashbar to the lower section of the frame where the forward controls mount. Then using the longer supplied bolts to replace the OEM bolts that held the forward controls in place, reinstall the forward control mounts on overtop of the crashbar into their original mounting location.  The crashbar mounting plate would sit between the frame and forward control mount sharing the same mounting bolt. Once all bolts are in place, they can be torqued to 30-35 ft/lbs.

Note: On some models, the exhaust pipe may come very close to the brake rod from the foot control, check to make sure there is proper clearance between the two. If not, loosen the pipe and pivot the lower section away from the brake rod. If this does not help you gain clearance, you can space out the rear pipe mount ¼” to gain the extra clearance needed.    

Next check the operation of the controls, if any binding is felt on the shifter you can loosen the jamb nut on the shifter link and rotate one of the hiim joints so that no binding occurs.

 If any contact is being made on the brake pedal arm to the exhaust, you can loosen the pipe at the cylinder head and rear mount and adjust for clearance.