Passenger Peg 06 and Up Dyna

Passenger Crash Bar Installation Instructions

2006 and Up Dyna

 First, lift up back of the bike to take the weight off of the rear tire. Remove the two lower shock bolts to let the swing arm drop downward.  

If you have any passenger peg mounts installed, remove them at this time.

On the supplied passenger peg crash bar, remove the two hex head bolts holding the lower cross bar in place.

Slide in the crash bar assembly from the side of the bike so that the holes on the mounting plate match with the holes in the swing arm and start the 4 supplied bolts and washers into the 4 holes in the swing arm.

Next, reinstall the lower crossbar onto the bottom of the swing arm using the nuts removed earlier. The concave side should be facing the front of the bike.

Once all the bolts are in place, they can all be tightened, and shock bolts re-installed.

NOTE: The passenger peg crash bar, because of the extra clearance due to the thinner thickness, as compared to the factory passenger peg mount, the chain slider is not usually needed. The chain, on most all applications, will clear the passenger peg crash bar without the use of the chain slider.