Fairing Bracket Kit - 2020 Low Rider S

Fairing Bracket Kit Installation

2020 Low Rider S


First, remove the factory fairing brackets. There are two bolts holding the upper bracket to the bottom of the triple tree. Next, remove the headlight mount from the lower triple tree by removing the two allen bolts which bolt from the underside of the lower tree.  Once the lower mount is removed, you can remove the lower fairing bracket from the back of the headlight mount, then reinstall headlight and mount.

Once they are removed, install our adapter brackets in place, using the OEM bolts from the original brackets. 

The fairing itself, should have the bent brackets that bolt to the plastic of the fairing installed.  The slotted holes in these brackets will align with the slotted holes in our brackets for mounting.  The slotted holes will allow adjustment to align the fairing with the headlight.