Sportster Crashbar 2003 and earlier

                                                                                         Installation Instructions

03 & Earlier Sportster Crashbar




The longer bolt with the 1/2" long spacer is used in the center mount of the crash bar, where it would bolt to the crossbar of the front section of the frame.  This bolt would go through the center slotted hole in the crossbar welded on the crash bar.  The spacer would go between the crash bar and the frame.  If you install this bolt first, it will hold the crash bar in place, in the desired location, for setting up to weld on the bungs on the frame down tubes.


The stepped bungs would be for the shock sliders.  For the earlier sportsters they would come with a stud assembly in the frame where the upper shock bolt is.  Remove the OEM stud assembly and place these in the thru holes of the frame to create a threaded mounting hole for the shock and shock sliders.


Recommended: Blue Loctite with torque spec of 22-25 ft/lbs.