Softail Crashbars 2018 -Present with Mid Controls

Highway Peg Crash Bar Installation Instructions

2018 & Up Softail Mid Control Models


*For the 2 Step/High Bar/High Step: First, remove the two factory upper motor mount bolts prior to installation of the crash bar. Once the crash bar is in place, reinstall the factory motor mount bolts thru the holes on the upper mounting tab of the crash bar.

*For the 2018 Mid Control Models: First, remove the factory foot control mounts from the lower section of the frame.                                             

Second, there would be the two bolts on the primary side, holding the peg assembly on and three bolts on the pipe side; two holding the peg assembly and one holding the brake master cylinder backing plate in place. For the master cylinder, you can leave the master cylinder attached to the backing plate and leave the brake line hooked up; just pull it away from the frame slightly to allow room for install.  Note: You may need to reuse one of the OEM bolts from the stock peg mounts for the brake master cylinder, which may require a 1/4" longer length bolt. 

Once the factory foot mounts and master backing plate are removed, you can also remove some of the plastic plugs in the unused threaded holes located at the bottom of the frame. These can be used later for additional mounting through the crash bar mounting plate. 

Next, slip the crash bar into place by lining up the holes in the lower section of the crash bar with the threaded holes in the frame. You can use some of the holes previously unused by the controls to start some of the (3) shorter, 1" long supplied bolts, to hold it in place. Then, install the foot peg mounts overtop of the crash bar lower plates, using the (4) supplied longer bolts, to their original mounting holes. 

Torque spec: 30/ft lb