Shock Slider Kit - FXR

Shock Slider Installation



First, lift the rear of the bike to remove seat. Then remove the upper shock, both inner and outer nuts to remove the factory upper shock stud. Note: On some models you may need to remove the lower shock bolt so you can pull the shock out enough to remove the upper stud assembly. Once it is removed you can install the upper shock slider assembly onto the upper shock eyelet and install into the frame.

Order of parts starting from the outside and going inward would be:

1. Delrin Slider Tube

2. Allen bolt with split washer (split washer should be installed over bolt and inside the delrin slider)

3. 1/2" Small Aluminum Spacer

4. Shock eyelet

5. Motorcycle strut (frame section of bike)

6. Washer (inside of frame section)

7. Nyloc nut


Once all of the parts are installed in the order listed above, the bolts can be tightened to factory specification and any other parts removed can be re-installed

For the FXR shock slider, the shock should remain against the fender strut in the factory location, the 1/2" thick spacer is meant to go to the outside of the shock between the shock and the delrin slider.  This spacer would be placed to help give some extra clearance between the delrin section and the upper shock body. On some shocks, the spring collar sits very high and some extra clearance is needed.