2018 Softail - Shock Extension


2018 & Up Softail Models


You will need to remove the shock to compress the spring on the shock to install the lifting eyelet.

First, remove the shock assembly from the bike. Next, use a press or a spring compressor to compress the spring to get to the jam nut. If using a press, put the removable eyelet facing down, supporting the spring retaining plate and push down on the upper eyelet. Compress it just enough to reveal the jam nut on the shock shaft, which is up against the removable eyelet.

Then, place a rod thru the center eyelet to support it from rotating and to break loose the jam nut. Once the jam nut has broken loose, the factory eyelet will unthread and can be replaced with the longer replacement one.

Note: If you do not have a spring compressor or press, I would recommend taking it to a local shop that offers this type of service.

Once installed, there should be a retaining ring that the spring pushes against which sits directly against the shock lift eyelet. The retaining ring would have two raised sections that would index onto the flat section of the shock lift eyelet to keep the two locked together. Also, there would be a jam nut on the shock shaft that would help lock the adjustment of the shock lift eyelet. The shock shaft retaining ring and the shock eyelet would all be locked together.

However, you can get some movement or twist on the eyelet for alignment to get the two eyelets to be on the same plane after the shock lift eyelet is installed but this would be the shock shaft rotating in the shock body.