Tank Lift - 06 Dyna and 2018 Softail

Tank Lift Installation Instructions

06 & Up Dyna/2018 Softail



Remove seat then remove the front and rear tank bolts holding the tank to the frame.

Slide the tank back toward the back of the bike (approx. 2") to give clearance around the front tank mounting hole. 

Place the tank lift bracket onto the front of the frame and attach using the factory front tank mounting hardware, leaving the nut loose.

Pick the tank up and slide it forward to align the front tank mounting tab holes to the threaded holes in the tank lift bracket and install loosely the supplied button head bolts.

Align the rear tank mount hole with the holes in the frame and reinstall the rear tank mounting bolt. 

Once they are all in place the bolts can be tightened and the seat reinstalled.