Dyna Crashbar 2006-2017


2006 to 2017 Dyna Models


First, locate the four mounting hole locations on the bottom front corner of the frame where the crash bar will be installed (2 on each side of the bike).  Some bikes from the factory may have plastic plugs installed to cap these holes. If so, the caps will need to be removed.  Inspect the threads in the chassis to be free of dirt or other debris, as the hole is open from the backside and can allow for material to pack into the hole. If needed, clean out threads with a 3/8 x 16 tap.  

Locate the voltage regulator on the front of the bike and remove it by loosening the two allen head bolts that attach it to the frame. Save the two bolts, as they will be used later.  Once the two bolts are removed, allow the voltage regulator to drop down toward the ground. You can leave all electrical connections in place.

Next, put the crash bar in place. Start the lower supplied bolt into both sides of the crashbar. Once the two lower bolts are started, pivot the crashbar up to align the two upper bolts and install those two as well.  Once all of the bolts are started, you can tighten all four mounting bolts.  While tightening the four mounting bolts, the crashbar should be held/rotated so the main bar of the crashbar is in contact or very close to the down tubes of the chassis.

After the crash bar is in place, you can install the voltage regulator to the relocation tab on the crash bar. This will be the tab with a crown logo cut into it.  The upper profile of the tab will match the top edge profile of the voltage regulator and will face the same direction as stock. Re-use the factory allen bolts that held the regulator in place from the factory, along with the supplied 1/4 x 20 nyloc nuts for attachment.

*Recommended: Blue Loctite with torque specification of 22-25 ft lbs.