Sportster Crashbar Sky Bar and Sky Scraper

Installation Instructions

Sportster “Sky Bar” and “Sky Scraper”

Forward Control Crashbar


First, unbolt the foot control mounts from the frame; there are two allen bolts on either side holding the control mounts in place.  Next, remove the bolts attaching the upper motor mount at the front of the bike to the frame, slip the crashbar in place, and start the two factory bolts thru the upper tab on the crashbar, back into the factory motor mount location and leave loose.

Line up the bottom of the crashbar with the threaded holes; the foot control mounting holes in the frame and install the foot control mounts on overtop of the bottom section of the crashbar using the supplied longer bolts. Once all the bolts are started they can be torqued to 35 ft/lbs.

Note: The 2000-2017 now has the two holes at the bottom of the crashbar, this is so it will work on either forward control or with the floorboards with the same crashbar.  The hole location would be different depending on what control type is used, just one hole would be used on either side for mounting.