Fairing Bracket Kit - 49mm

Installation Instructions

49mm Fairing Bracket Kit


Included with the two brackets is the hardware and headlight spacer needed for installation. The smaller tab of the bracket should face toward the headlight, and the factory bracket that bolts to the fairing will sit on the inside of the supplied brackets. The lever of the quick release should be mounted facing away from the headlight.  The (4) 5/16 x 24 bolts are to bolt the quick releases to the adapter brackets.  The aluminum spacer is to be placed under the factory headlight riser block, using the longer supplied 3/8 bolt.  This will raise the headlight approx. 1" from its factory location. When removing the headlight from the lower tree, you will also need to remove the pinch bolt that holds the headlight to the factory headlight riser block. The factory block is drilled offset and needs to be rotated 180 degrees and put back in place. This will set the headlight more forward than stock and allows it to sit against the factory foam gasket of the quarter fairing. There are many pictures on our website of the fairing mounted, that can help if needed.