Swingarm Lift Kit - 05 and Earlier and 06 and Up Dyna


05 and Earlier Dyna /06 and Up Dyna


For the 06 & up kit, you would want to lift the rear of the bike to take the weight off of the rear tire. Then remove the lower shock bolt from both sides. Once the bolt is removed, lift the rear of the bike slightly more to allow the swingarm to droop 2" lower than where the shocks originally held it.

The lift block that is symmetrical in shape, would be for the drive side of the swingarm.  It would install with the flat section of the block facing the wheel and the recessed pocket in the block fitting over the factory shock eyelet on the swingarm.  Attach the block with the supplied bolt, the bolt head would be to the outside of the bike with the nut to the inside of the swingarm.  The other block would attach to the brake side in the same orientation; the lower mounting hole would then be threaded so the fully threaded bolt would be used with the nut to the inside of the swingarm as well. 

Once the blocks are installed onto the swingarm, the bike can be lowered until the lower shock eye lines up with the upper hole in the lift blocks.  Then install the supplied bolts with the head of the bolt to the outside of the bike and the nuts to the inside of the swingarm.  Once all of the hardware is installed, the bolts can be torqued to 45 ft/lbs.  We do recommend re-torqueing the mounting bolts after the first 100 miles of riding. 


For the 05 & earlier kit, all of the bolt heads would go to the inside of the swingarm with the nuts to the outside.  The blocks would attach to the swingarm with the button head style bolt and the shock would get bolted to the block with the taper head bolt, this head of the bolt should sit in the countersink of the block to help clear the pulley and brake rotor.