49mm Quarter Fairing Adapter Brackets


September 20, 2011

49mm Harley Quarter Fairing Adapter Brackets For 07 and Up Dynas

By bungking

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Back in 07 when the new Dyna’s were unveiled by Harley customers were left with few options of protection from the wind. With this front newer fork the availability to use any of the previous fairings provided from the factory without modification of their bracketry was not an option. Your only choice for the bolt on customer was either a standard windshield or nothing at all. Although the 49mm fork was new to the Dyna model in 07 it was not new to Harley. This was the same fork that had been used on the V-rod from the beginning.

Because the 49mm fork was available for a few years before some products were available for them one of them was a quick release windshield clamp available in a standard or locking version. When we decided to make some adapter brackets to create the missing link for these front forks I decided to use these ready made brackets. For what they are, and their quality, they were surprisingly inexpensive in HD standards. This would allow easy rigid mounting with some of the engineering from the factory taken advantage of as well. They also have a clamping surface lined with rubber meaning if you do decide to remove them you are not left with scratches or gouges in your fork tubes which is always a plus.

I wanted to use as much of the factory parts as possible to create that OEM look yet make it slightly stronger with slightly thicker material so the parts would stand the test of time under high stress. The adapter brackets I came up with replace the factory outer bracket that normally hooked onto the rubber gromets that were normally clamped to the fork. The factory inner bracket is reused, this is the one that bolts to the fairing itself and is slotted in a vertical direction fo adjustment. The adapter brackets supplied by Bungking.com are like the factory other brackets slotted horizontally for adjustment there as well. This allows for around 1.5-2″ in adjustment both in the vertical and horizontal directions for greater flexibility.

To get the quick releases to clear the fairing, headlight and front end it’s mounting plate had to be welded in at a special angle. The quick releases replace what was normally a bolted on band clamp with a rubber grommet that the steel brackets slip over. For anyone that has used this original system they will tell you it isn’t the greatest out there, the new updated clamps are much better. And best of all when the fairing is removed nothing is left behind unlike before.

To help with the redirecting of air it was decided to raise the fairing a little higher than normal. In turn the headlight also needed to be raised to fit inside the headlight pocket of the Quarter Fairing. To do this supplied in the kit is a 1″ tall polished aluminum spacer and longer headlight bolt. The spacer is placed between the original headlight mount and the lower tree. Also to help seat the headlight correctly in the pocket it is recommended to remove the original headlight mounting block and rotate it 180 degrees. The factory headlight mount is drilled offset and by rotating the mount it will place it approximately 1/2″ further forward. This will guarantee that the headlight seats itself in the rubber seal of the headlight pocket.

All in all this kit is completely a bolt on set up and with just a few minor hand tools can be installed and adjusted in well under an hour. Because it is the missing link for the Harley dealers to selling Quarter fairings to their newer 07 and up dynas many of them have jumped on board and started carrying them. If you do not have a local dealer that stocks them you can always purchase them at www.bungking.com the link to the product page is as follows:


And for the installation instructions for this kit you can download a PDF version here by clicking this link

49mm Quarter Fairing Install Instructions

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