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September 23, 2011

T-Bars For Dyna Street Bobs

By bungking

When HD introduced the new Street Bob in the Dyna line in 07 one of the differences from the standard Dyna was the upper triple clamp for the 49mm fork. The clap on these models came with an integral handle bar riser cast into the tree. This was fine for most customers accept for those who wanted to bolt a set of T-bars to them. Yes you can go down to the dealer and purchase the other upper clamp that comes on the dyna standard but you may be surprised to find out when you order it that it is about 300 bucks. This can make an already costly handle bar change to an even more costly one. These bars can be found at

We have had customers complain of this from 2007 and what we have done for the local customers and even some of the local dealers is build a different version of our Gusseted T-bar. The welded in handlebar inserts are replaced with a 1″ dia crossbar that the factory triple clamp will accept. This does make the uprights slightly wider than the standard t-bar but some do not seem to mind given the cost difference for the other option. They are still built to the same high quality standards we have become known for and always 100% TIG welded for strength and good looks.

The lower crossbar is knurled to reduce any slipping in the riser clamp. With this crossbar the handlebars also become adjustable like all standard handlebars are. So now you can adjust the bar to the exact pitch that feels good to you but still keep that tough t-bar look.

I make them in various heights like all of our other bars and custom sizes like normal are always available. The standard width is 29.5″ and standard heights would be a measurement of 8,10, 12, 14″ overall. They come all set up for internal wire, the wires come out of the bottom of the riser bar just above the fork tube.

If you would like to own a set for yourself you can check out this link at to purchase

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